Engineering Design
Bottom up design of a range of control systems for use in heavy industrial and mining applications.
Specification Development
Specialist PLC software specificatiions to AS61508. Specialised conveyor control applications.
Wide experience in CITECT and other SCADA systems. Providing visualisation and information management resources for engineering solutions.
System Upgrades
System upgrades to current Australian standards and/or nominated safety levels.

Ringway has specialised in PLC and proprietary control systems for conveyors and associated equipment for more than 15 years. During this time Ringway has had extensive experience with DC drives, CST and BOSS clutches, VVVF and Flux Vector drives as well as slow fill and variable scoop couplings. We have been involved in 'Tripper Driving' conveyors since the inception of the technology in underground mining. Ringway has developed and applied control philosophies to all types of horizontal belt storage and winch tensioning devices.

Automation & Process Control
Ringway has automated many processes including underground vehicle emmission testing stations, tube bundle gas monitoring, high pressure pump regulation systems and complex air coditioning systems. Ringway understands process control and has a wide range of software tools and control philosophies.

Ringway has designed and manufactured embedded microprocessor control systems for 'third-party' customers and 'in-house' use. Customer benefits include, greater design input (improved vigor and performance), reliability of supply and other cost savings over imported controllers.

Ringway is a CITECT systems integrator and has experience with other SCADA packages.

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