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Ringline 6 Channel Digital Transmitter
Ringline 6 Channel Receiver
Ringline Cat 4 Digital Transmitter
Ringline Earth Leakage Transmitter
Ringline I.S Digital Time Delay Tx
Ringline I.S Dual Channel Digital Transmitter
Ringline I.S Field Powered Receiver
Ringline I.S. 1/2/3 Channel Analogue Transmitters
Ringline I.S. Reader
Ringline I.S. Signal Line System
Ringline IS 2 Channel Receiver - AC
Ringline IS 2 Channel Receiver - DC
Ringline MkII Display
Ringline MkII Display (Ethernet/IP)
Ringline MkII I.S. System
Ringline MkII System
Ringline Modbus Interface
Ringline PLC interface with Tx
Ringline Programmer
Ringline Synchroniser with Modbus
Ringline Temperature Sensors
Ringline Temperature Transmitter
RLCONV - E/Stop & Pre-Start In One

2-Wire Distributed Emergency Stop System

Ringline interlocks the status of distributed safety devices to a pair of contacts in the main contactor circuit of a machine (e.g. conveyor), in a failsafe manner.

  • Failsafe - to AS4024.1 Category 3 (independent assessment)
  • Simple, Robust & Reliable
  • Inherent Intrinsic Safety - IEC Ex ia conformity.
  • Ringlines' 2-wire / 2-channel concept is demonstrably superior
  • Downline powered runs up to 12km
  • Stoppage / fault history for last 10 stops - dedicated display
  • In-built lightning / transient protection (each device)
  • 14 years of operation without a troublesome installation

See our system comparison to find the right Ringline system for your application.

RL2SYS - Large System
RL2SYS_IS - Intrinsically Safe System
RLCONV - Small System with Prestart Alarm
RLSYNCMBEB - Ringline Synchroniser with Modbus
RLSYNCTX - Ringline PLC interface with TX

Ringline Displays
RLDISP2 - Ringline MkII Display
RLDISP2_EIP - Ringline MkII Display with Ethernet/IP

RLTX2PC4 - Dual Channel Digital Transmitter Category 4
RLTX2P - Dual Channel Digital Transmitter Category 3
RLTX6P - Six Channel Digital Transmitter Category 3
RLTX4PTD - Time Delay Transmitter
RL6XFR - Transfer Transceiver - Interlocks Two Ringline Systems

RLISRX2_AC - Dual Channel Relay Output Receiver - AC supply
RLISRX2_DC - Dual Channel Relay Output Receiver - DC supply
RLRX6P - Six Channel Relay Output Receiver

RLTX1AN - 10-Bit 1 Channel Analogue Transmitter
RLTX2AN - 10-Bit 2 Channel Analogue Transmitter
RLTX3AN - 10-Bit 3 Channel Analogue Transmitter

RLTXTILT - 12-Bit, 2-Axis Analogue Tilt Transmitter
RLTXERTH - Ringline Earth Leakage Transmitter
RLRX2PI - Ringline I.S. Field Powered Receiver

RLPROG2 - Ringline Programmer
RLREADIS - The Ringline I.S. Reader
RLTSxxxx - Ringline Temperature Sensors

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