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Ringway 24V / 48V Alarm Units are line-powered dual-state alarm annunciators. Possible states include a flashing red light with two-tone piezo alarm and solid green with no audio. The Alarm Units are designed to provide maximum audible and visual presence with minimal power consumption.
The alarm units are ideal for applications where line powered alarm indication is required over long distances (up to 8.9km) and local power may not be available. Ringway 24V / 48V Alarm Units are very low maintenance devices. They are fully down line powered, containing no batteries. Competing units require internal battery backing and can only provide alarm indication for a limited duration or must limit the number of alarm units that may operate at any one time. All connected Ringway Alarm Units may be operated indefinitely without loss of performance.
Ringway Alarm Units will typically be used in conjunction with the Ringway 24V / 48V Prestart Alarm Supply/Controller..
The Alarm Units can be used anywhere that a single or dual state warning or permissive function is required. Typical applications include conveyor pre-start alarm and remote isolation indication, evacuation systems, and remote security system monitoring.
Ringway Alarm Units are offered in an Orange, flame retardant, UV stabilized PBT/PC enclosure with screw-in modular components.

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