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Ringline I.S. Signal Line System

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The heart of the Ringline system is a control rack housing the power supply, safety monitoring electronics, run permissive outputs, a local display port and the PLC communications interface. The rack is the source of the 2-wire field bus (Ringline), to which field transmitters (RLTX2) are connected in parallel. Each emergency stop device is connected to two channels (A & B) of a field transmitter using one normally closed interlock (A channel) and one normally open interlock (B channel). The control rack continuously monitors the status of each field transmitter, ensuring that all 'A' channels remain closed and all 'B' channels open. Three independent microprocessors control four separate output relays to close two separate output permissive circuits ONLY IF the logical state of all field transmitter channels is correct and all other safety checks are satisfactory. A local display connected to the control rack indicates the operational status of the system. The display features a 'stop history', which continually updates (and permanently stores) the last 10 Ringline stoppages. Plant required to run in sequence with the conveyor or plant under control can receive a 'run permissive' signal over the 2-wire via a two-channel relay receiver unit (RLISRX2).

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